Pembroke Hall—After All, This Is A Library
Building on Pembroke campus, technically home to Brown’s career services, adjacent to Andrew, Nick and Dan’s places of residence sophomore year. Pembroke had the benefit of being open really late as a study space, and was also full of interesting, explorable nooks and crannies like the “interview rooms” downstairs, the first of many watchclock stations on the way downstairs, the and the huge, wonderful room upstairs, with its stealable chair fragments and pointy things (including the legendary poking device of yore), odd cubicle partitions, about twelve assloads of flourescent light bulbs, reasonably comfrotable couches, and the mysterious doors halfway up the wall. Also notable is the second floor room with the bizarre yet beautiful panneling above the blackboards (see above) and a more or less accessible dvd player, the grandafther clock (see below) in the main hallway and the open basement classroom that was the insipration for the original tigmAcArya chalk graffiti.

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