Czech, Ukranian, Russian, Lithuanian, English-who can say?-in any event, I’m freakishly tall (6’8”) and can’t possibly have been born in this country, according to any number of people who have remarked on my supposed “foreign accent,” (like the guy in a Providence art museum who asked me where in England I am from, and then, on my insistence I was not, seemed to be implying I as putting on an English accent as an affectation) I am actually a born ‘n raised Vermonter, though of Scottish and Slovak extraction. Cartographophiliac. (In the sexual sense). Prolific coper of neolojism. My mother is known to engage in innumerable kinds of sexual perversity, according to Nick, although really, it’s me engaging in the aforementioned with his mother. I’m somewhat useful in forming homework cartels and always up for creating some new, comical miscommunication. (see jherzerpine) I am said to mumble; this I strenuously deny, though often not in a particularly articulate way.
Andrew was Kevin’s suitemate, and used to call Chris catty a lot.

Quotes from Andrew
  • “I elide, therefore I’m.”
  • “Are you going to do this to Chris?”
    “You mean Kevin?”
    “Yeah, that is weird.”
  • I go for volume, and sometimes quality slips through.
    h2. Quotes for Andrew
    * “If you can touch the clocks and never start them, you can start the clocks and never touch them. That’s logic, as I know and use it.” —The Golux, The Thirteen Clocks.
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