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  • Chaos and Memory’s Ruins
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    h2. Basic Statistics
  • Age: 23? Or something?
  • Gender: Male
  • Philosophy: Antifoundationalist, pragmatist (mostly Jamesian), with a soft spot for anything Simone Weil says.
  • Politics: I suppose I’m a radical leftist by default. By which I mean, I’m from Berkeley. (Well, Oakland, but, same difference so far as this goes.
  • Race: Indeterminate. (Inooto? Kazakh? Jewish? White? Native American? No one seems to know.)
  • Location
  • [Hat Size]: Approximately 7 3/4 / Metric 62 / Two-foot head diameter circumference
  • Favorite
  • Fears:
    • Chickens
    • Telephones (but not bananaphones
    • Time
      h2. Cultural Literacy
      h3. Phrases I think everyone knows but it turns out they don’t:
  • “Fuck you and the horse you came in on.”
  • “Waiting for the other shoe to drop”
  • “Bearding a lion in his den”
  • “Off the heazy”
  • “Going great guns”
  • “A nickel’s worth of free advice”
  • “Make-work”
    h3. Movies I like that no one has seen (well, not no one, but you know)
  • Jump Tomorrow
  • Five Corners
  • Six-String Samurai
    h3. Memberships
  • TASP
  • David and Jonathan Club
  • NCT
  • Autumnal Birthdays Coalition
  • SCU
  • Brown Watchclock Appreciation Heisting And Hording Association
    h3. Things I may have said:
  • TASP
    • I am the Godfucker that was, is, and will be. Before Christian Slater was, I am.
    • My shit will fuck your ether up.
  • Other/unidentified
    • You’re a linguistically self-sodomizing nutjob.
      h3. Things other people have said that I like:
      bq. “No man controls my destiny. Especially not one who attacks downwind and smells of garlic.”—Azim, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
      bq. “You can reconstruct the picture from chaos and memory’s ruins.”—Kay Boyle, The Crazy Hunter
      bq. A test of what is real is that it is hard and rough. Joys are found in it, not pleasure. What is pleasant belongs to dreams. —Weil, Gravity and Grace, p.53
      bq. Reality comes into view when we see that nature is not only an obstacle which allows us to act in an ordered way but it is also an obstacle which infinitely transcends us. —Weil, Lectures on Philosophy, p.111 (Emphasis added)
      bq. The mind is not forced to believe in the existence of anything (subjectivism, absolute idealism, solipsism, skepticism: cf. The Upanishads, the Taoists, and Plato, who, all of them, adopt this philosophical attitude by way of purification). That is why the only organ of contact with existence is acceptance, love. That is why joy and the sense of reality are identical. —Weil, in The Simone Weil Anthology, ed. George A. Panichas.
      bq. In the deepest heart of all of us there is a corner in which the ultimate mystery of things works sadly—William James, “Is Life Worth Living?”
      bq. Those who dream of the banquet wake to lamentation and sorrow. Those who dream of lamentation and sorrow wake to join the hunt. —Chuang-tzu (tr. Giles)
      bq. There’s a thing that you must know concerning the jewels of laughter. They always turn again to tears a fortnight after. —Thurber, The Thirteen Clocks
      bq. The readier a response, the less consciousness, meaning, thinking it permits. —Dewey, ?/Experience and Nature??, p. 314 (cf. The Valuation and Evaluation of Writing
      h3. Things said about me:
  • “Oh, look at me, I’m Nick, I prefer nontraditional beauty.”—Olivia, in a debate over which half of the now lost Catherine Zeta-Jones-Lili Taylor lesbian sex scene is more lamentable
  • “Drunk on words”—Raphael Jesus Gonzalez, in an end-of-course evaluation.
    h2. Weapons of choice
  • Fountain pens
    • Shaeffer Balance
    • Visconti Van Gogh
    • Namiki Vanishing Point
    • Cross Radiance
  • Paper
    • Moleskine squared notebooks
    • Rhodia Advance
    • Clairefontaine Triomph
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