Fuckweights and Fuckmeasures
1 Pantsfull=normal or moderate excession; somewhat more than one can handle
3 pantsfulls=1 assload
2 assloads = 1 fuckton
For our present purposes, let us assume that a fuckton is equivalent to a short ton, which is to say what we mean by “ton” when we say the word in English. A short fuckton is, then, 2000 fuckpounds or flbs. (By implication, then, an assload is 1000 fuckpounds, and a pantsfull is thus 33.333… flbs.) So, anything up to around 25 flbs. can be reasonably assumed to be within the realm of normalcy and not of excess.
A metric fuckton or simmplye “fucktonne”, is slightly larger than a short fuckton, weighing 1000 fuckkilograms, or fkg, (=2,204.6 flbs.) to the short fuckton’s 904.185 fkg. There are, however, no metric pantsfulls or assloads, though a pantsfull would be around 15 fkg, which lets us get a sense that about 12.5 fkg can be figured as the approximate boundary between metric normalcy and metric excess.
1 imperial fuckton = 1 016.04691 fkg
1 long fuckton = 1 016.04691 kkg
And further:
Register fuckton: 100 cubic fuckfeet (fft.). (so about 8.333 fuckfeet is the volumic normalcy threshold?)
Freight or measurement fuckton; also, Timber fuckton: 40 cubic fuckfeet
English water fuckton: 224 British imperial fuckgallons?
Wheat fuckton: 20 US fuckbushels
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* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ton