Happy birthday!

(That’s Dan on the left)
h2. A Conversation had by Nick and Dan:
“Fuck what?”
“Fuck me.”
“No thanks.”
“No, not you, God.”
“I thought we were talking about fucking you, not me.”
“You weren’t supposed to fuck me.”
“So wait, what about God?”
“I don’t know we never really resolved that issue. Are you just transcribing from here on?”
“Transcribing what?”
“From here on…but you’ve got to say ‘transcribing what?’ now…”
“Wait a minute, are you serious?”
“If you want.”
h2. Basic vitals:
  • Origin: Outside Buffalo
  • Primary academic commitment: Computers and suchnot widgets
  • Delightfulness: High
  • Ethno-cultural affiliation: Jewish-Italian, and takes all the holidays he can get
    h2. Dan and suite socio-economics
    Note: some of this material is clearly dated, as Dan now lives somewhere unlikely, far, far from everyone else.
    Dan is Nick’s friend and (sometimes) suitemate. He is almost every bit as good as [Chris], so he too deserves an entry, even if it has to be a lame one.
    Dan has higher sanitation and cleanliness standards than most of Nick’s friends. He likes to throw away food even when it’s not yucky, just because it’s been there “too long”. He also shows no interest in eating off the floor. On the other hand, he vacuums and sanatizes a lot, and from that everyone benefits.
    Dan is his suitemates’ sugar daddy. We love you, Dan!
    Dan tends to move this one mattress back and forth between his bedroom and the common room. No one has yet discovered an explanation.
    h2. Dan and other people
    Dan and Katrina are soon heading to grad school in CS at CMU. Dorks in love is so sweet.
    Update: Also, they have kittens, which is even sweeter. So much so as to frighten, almost.
    h2. Dan and music
    Dan plays clarinet. He used to play in a group at Brown, but no more.
    Dan’s computer is a veritable horn of plenty, so far as music is concerned. (Pun unintended, but acknowledged and brazenly uncorrected.) White male music, anyway. Attempts to integrate Dan’s music collection have been partially successful, but some work remains before little black tracks and little white tracks can hold hands and celebrate being free at last, or however that speech goes.
    Dan was clearly instrumental in Nick attending a concert (an unlikely event). This was a Barenaked Ladies concert, and reasonably delightful. Nick was instrumetnal in Dan attending a Ferron performance, which was an unlikely event in that both Nick and Dan are straight, and male, and it was a Ferron performance. Dan’s susceptibility to Ferron’s brand of exceedingly goofy humor (“Paw, tuck it!”) speaks volumes for his character.
    h2. Dan and television
    Nick was successful in colonizing Dan’s cultural literacy in a few different respects. Most successful was the attempt to Sorkinize Dan; he is now a full-fledged Sorkinian with considerable viewing hours, emotinoal investment, and thought operations invested in both Sports Night and West Wing.
    More recently, Dan became an even better Alias fan than Nick, who can never seem to keep the Rambaldi artifiacts separated in his head.
    Dan also cross-colonized Nick with cultural literacy including Cowboy Bebop and the Lattimore version of The Iliad.
    h2. Dan and humanities
    Nick has succeeded in roping Dan into taking the PhilEd (giving it a substantial TWDCR market share) and Roth’s screwball Great Mystical Traditions of Asia course, and also Russom’s thingie.
    h2. Quotes
  • “transvestites don’t echo”
  • “What if it’s really hard and moldy?”
  • “What if it’s really HARD and moldy?”
  • “rrrruff!” Correction: “harraharrufff!”
  • “Besides, everybody knows masturbation’s a guy”
  • “My forearm’s in my mouth, and I’m drooling on it.”
  • Whacking a little puck with a big stick’s a lot more fun than kicking a big ball with your feet.
    h2. Bibliography
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    h2. See also:
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