John Dewey is one of the key pragmatists and probably the most important philosopher of education, and important in the intellectual formation of UGP-folk Nick, Chris, and Dan. Dewey differs from James in having a much more naturalistic, secularistic metaphysics and epistemology, and a correspondingly more rigid view of truth.

Dewey’s Pragmatism
Dewey called his brand of pragmatism “instrumentalism,” perhaps because he thought “pragmatism” didn’t sound stodgy enough…
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h2. Dewey’s and Philosophy of Education
Dewey must be considered the final term in the classical triad of democratic philosophy of education: Plato, Rousseau, Dewey
h2. Dewey’s rejection of religion
h2. Works
* Democracy and Education * Early Works, v.4 * Experience and Nature * A Common Faith
h2. Bibliography
  • The American Evasion of Philosophy, Cornel West
    h2. See also:
    Pragmatism, PhilEd, Weil, Rorty, Quine