One of the original freshman unit-mates with Nick, Chris, Dan, and Matt.

In the picture above, Whitney’s the girl.
Whitney is an altogether delightful person, with the usual set of eccentricities one might expect of the people we associate with. Whitney is known for her Oregonian Vowels, which is to say her tendency to exchang “ih” for “eh”, as when she talks about fountain pins, of which she owns a nice translucent you-can’t-buy-it-in-America Waterman of which Nick is somewhat covetous, or her massive and vaguely frightening array of pellows, to which Nick and Dan once contributed a zebra-like monstrosity.
Whitney is also notable for being mislable; that is to say, she’s easily gulled. Of particular interest is the Dan Takes Salsa Lessons extravaganza, in which Nick managed to convince Whitney three times in three years that Dan was taking salsa lessons, which shouldn’t even have been possible the first time.
Whitney likes tea, and has recently completed an honors thesis on how flying squirrels maneuver in midair (if she does one on how moose think and another on cold-war espionage, she gets a set of steak knives). She’s originally from Ashland, Oregon, which is a rather preposterous place. Her cultural alignment is mostly with the hippy theater people, which makes her one of the few people Nick knows at Brown whom he might also have believably associated with during high school.
I think Whitney is one of several recipients of copies of Youth in Revolt, of which Nick still manages not to own an instance despite several acquisitions.
Whitney is currently somewhere ridiculous (Senegal) in the peace corps.

* Wow, is that a skylight at night? I guess it is during the day, too.
* Guys!!!