From Isaac Ass-imov to Rogers Zealously.
Cumpiled by Nick, Andrew and Olivia1.
Yes, this is a list of Science Fiction (Science Friction?) writers and titles, remixed as a list of porn star names, porn titles and dirty puns. It is stupid, offensive, and completely pointless, and we fully recommend you stop reading now. Obviously, we don’t mean any insult to the good (and mediocre) people referenced here; we’re just cumpletists.
Note that we haven’t read or even heard of all these authors; a number are simply taken from Wikipedia’s list of SF authors.
Also, yes, we noticed that we reused some puns. A lot. Suggestions are, of course, welcome. I’ve put some of my favorites in boldface, to distract attention away from some of the more terrible ones. Let me know how that works out for you.
And, in case you were wondering, I believe this all started with the first section, the names that are already dirty. Dick? Moorcock? Gaiman? The joke’s already there, people.
h2. Names that need no translation…