h2. Fishman Was Here.
Fluble is the only good cartoon to ever grace the pages of the BDH. It is brilliant in extreme. And very hard to summarize rapidly on no sleep.
Quick tips on Fluble readership: (1) Look between the ultimate and penultimate panels (usually) for a perpendicular message. (2) Every strip includes a “Next: More X” box, which is almost invariably false. (3) Despite all Nick’s efforts to convince the universe of the contrary, “Fluble” rhymes with “Bubble”, not crumpet.
h2. Characters
Fluble Prometheus Marshell—Genetically engineered frog-like-thing
Gamlin the Red, Master of the Obtuse, AKA Burble of Syracuse—Insane tomato god. Favorite color: 12 1/2. Nick’s favorite. Andrew’s half-favorite. Time for morphine! (Burble
Doctor Balt Baltmer—Former nerd superstar. Andrew’s other half-favorite. Will one day kill them all. (Balt)
Schrafka—Conspiracy theorist rabbit cat. (Schrafka)
Clown—I’m not sure what the hell clown is. Some sort of curvy man, or something. (Clown)
Occam—Hallucinatory gargoyle/devil
God—He likes yak heads (Fluble-God)
Fishman—Also God.
Mack The—A whale. I never quite got him. (Mac The)
Zangoth—Some kind of hellish evil person who’s mean. (Zangoth)
Death Bunny—Butcher-knife-wielding-cunny-from-hell (Death Bunny)
Bob, Lord of Evil— (Bob, Lord of Evil)
Telly Sevalas—Hmm…
Evil Penguins—They’re kinda evil, anyway. Not to be confused with Killer Penguins.
Number One—Leader of the Evil Penguins. Managed to lose a game of rock ‘em sock ‘em robots to Fluble.
(Number One)
Count Osovos—Big eyeball with a three-foot-radius kingdom of “Meland” around him. Held Burbles purpose in life hostage.
Vile Traitorous Bastard—Points Burble towards the “Spork of Power”
The Spork of Power—forged by Zatzumos, the Spork God in the Cafeteria Primeval
Jafril the Spork-Keeper—he eats a lot of soup
The Sandwhich Man—Burble’s ancient enemy
The rock of ill-temperament—Wielder of the platypus of plague
Zooper—The World’s smartest thing that isn’t a mailbox
h2. Storylines
Rue Luxembourgia
Exploding Cow Saga
Night of the Devil Bunny
Do you remember love? (The one with the space train. Well, one of them.)
h2. Quotes:
* Beast is happy beast. * Moosh * Time for morphine. Mmm, morphine. * Hair…returning…fro…forming…must…GET DOWN
Damn you, American Dental Association
h2. See also:
Nose Weasels, Pinochle, Bloom County, Nick, Andrew, Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side, Earthtopus
h2. Links
* http://www.fluble.com/cgi-bin/fluble/vault.pl * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluble (Put together more or less exclusively by Nick and Andrew)

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