Gamlin the Red, Master of the Obtuse
Note: some of this text first appeared on Wikipedia’s Fluble page. But most of it is my fault anyway.
Burble is one of the central characters in the cartoon Fluble; he is Nick’s favorite, and Andrew’s half-favorite.
A “Tomato-like being” who was once a godlike entity, but was demoted for incompetence.
Burble has at times advocated the use of both morphine and amphetamines, among other potentially dangerous activities. However, his creator explains he is “hypersane” and simply reflects the inherent absurdity of the universe—i.e., to paraphrase, Burble is completely in tune with reality, but reality is a total nutjob.
There is some suggestion in Burblequest that he may be tied to an original pantheon of gods led by Fishman. At any rate, at some point in his deep past he wore funny horns and served a “Fish-lord.” Later he was more of a knight-errant, and razed most of Central Europe with Attila the Hun.(see here) He also collaborated with Samuel Taylor Coleridge on “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and worked for Scotland Yard sometime in mid-century.(see here) Or thinks he did.
In emergencies, Burble can transform into gigantic death-robot Burbletron. (cf. Do you Remember Love storyline.) Burble is the Sacred Patron Saint of Pork. He’s capable of consuming four bags of cheez doodles in 30 seconds.. His favorite color is 12 1/2. His only fear is his arch-nemesis, Sandwhich Man. (See here) He is also known as Burble of Syracuse (i.e., New York); Gamlin the Red, Master of the Obtuse; The Maddened Fez; Loophole Bungowick; Dr. Xavier Q. Rodriguez; and Vulcanized Tire Man.
In 2000, Burble briefly “took control” of the strip (re-dubbed for the duration I Like Bunnies, the result being even more nonsensical than usual, and featuring several spoofs of other comics. The “Epilogue” to “I Like Bunnies” features a mock commentary on the “final” panel, in which a cupcake explodes, from a professor of Modern Culture and Media.
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