Who’s The White Investigative Reporter That’s The Sex Machine With All The Chicks?
Slacking, wise-cracking, detecting reporter hero of a series of books by Gregory Mcdonald. Noted for his ability to blithely get away with sleeping with whomever he wants, and the ability to extricate himself from impossible situations not only scot-free, but with large amounts of other people’s valuables. This, for the price of being occasionally beaten up, and often threatened. The series gets siller as it progresses, (for example, Fletch and the Man Who, and Carioca Fletch) but remains readable. The first two, at any rate, deserve mirthful re-reading.
The character is more popularly known, at any rate, as portrayed by Chevy Chase in a pair of movies, the first of which was actually pretty fun.
There will, apparently, be a new Fletch movie (“Fletch Won”) out in 2006, directed by Kevin Smith, but details remain sketchy. So far, actors discussed in regard to this project include Ben Affleck, Jimmy Fallon, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Will Smith. Jason Lee was on the short list, but was apparently shot down by the studio. Better choices, however, would be George Clooney (we don’t like him, but he’s got the smarm down), Jay Mohr (in his Roland Hill mode, tweaked slightly), and Loren Dean of Mumford.
h2. Works
  • Fletch
    • Confess, Fletch (first appearance of Francis Xavier [Flynn])
    • Fletch’s Fortune (Introducing Fredericka “Freddie” Arbuthnot)
    • Fletch Forever (nothing new, merely the first three novels crammed together)
    • Fletch and the Widow Bradley
    • Carioca Fletch
    • Fletch’s Moxie
    • Fletch and the Man Who
    • Fletch Too (charming look at more of the clan Fletch—namely, Fletch’s elusive father)
    • Son of Fletch (introducing Fletch’s son (sired on Fletch’s very fat friend Crystal during Fletch’s Fortune)
    • Fletch Reflected
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  • Flynn
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