SLPB, an appelation granted, I think, by King House folk, refers to one of the denizens of our freshman unit. SLPB was an interesting phenomenon on many levels—heavily lacking in social graces, possessing what was widely held to be a spurious British accent, and prone to engage in rather bizarre quasi-artistic behavior, such as shouting bad poetry in the hallways, reciting good (i.e., not his own) poetry badly in the hallways (and at community events), and ramming his head repeatedly into the wall whilst drunk. Also constructed amusing art projects in his room involving dead flies tacked to things, and inordinate quantities of post-its. Frequently wore leather pants, reportedly without the added caution of underwear.
Nick once participated in a multi-hour roving debate with him regarding technique for reciting Coleridge’s “Kubla Kahn”
The Autumnal Birthdays Coalition frequently found that residing near SLPB was an instant ice-breaker (and sympathy-getter).
Dan once essentially tricked Nick into talking to SLPB at a party. It was in a good cause (saving some poor, unprepared girl he had cornered)l, but Nick presumably still owes Dan for this. Then again, Nick also owes Dan a lot of money, so maybe he should take care of that first.

This unfinished limerick in his honor was composed during a King House event of some kind, I think:
There once was a boy, SLPB
Who gave us the jeebies, heebie-
With foot on commode
He haunts our abode
Help me choose a conclusion:
We will have him shot, ideally
His real name: Shalikashvili
He doesn’t wear underwear, really.
And we think he is awfully silly.
Thank god he’s not touchy-feely.
And with him we now have to dealy.
We wonder if he’s an STD
And invites us all over for high tea.
He puts the “goat” back in goatee.
How about a kiss for your cousin dupree?
As he screams in the hall like a banshee.
Oops! I just pressed the tab key.
Can you tell I found a rhyming dictionar-y?
A face like Sam Spade-mostly “v”’s
He could really use some potpourri
He’s not in the rotc.
Well, I’ve got to go now, louie!
Okay! I’ll stop now! Don’t hurt me!
---(I like the banshee one)
h2. Bibliography
* Yeats! * Dylan Thomas
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Autumnal Birthdays Coalition