Very, very stupid idea resulting probably from a mispronunciation and culminating in an advertising campaign for a specious breath freshener, I think.
Rule for mint-creation are simple: if it ends in “ment”, it needn’t any longer.

The Accoutre-Mints of Modern Living

“For the pepperment of mankind?”

Content-Mints—Tasty mints that bring peace
Ele-Mints—In Firy Cinnamon, Earthy Vegetable, Fishy Shrimp, and Airy Chicken flavors
Firma-Mints—Our new line of hard candy.
Embarrass-Mints—Limited release april fools joke candy. (Ha ha! Now you’re addicted to heroin.)
Better-Mints—Our top of the line model
Discern-Mints—For the customer with the refined palate
Experi-Mints—Test-marketing, not quite ready for full imple-mint-ation
Establish-Mints—The tried and true breath freshener
Merri-Mints—Let the good times roll.
Enlighten-Mints—Nirvana in a plastic wrapper…
Abandon-Mints—Leave your troubles behind you!
* ascertain- * Detri-Mints * Enjoy-Mints * Dissapoint- * entertain * Fundamintals (also, fundamintalism) * Elemintary * Delightmints * Excitemints * Merrimints * Encouragemints * Abandonmints * Abatemints * Implemints * Refinemints * Detrimints

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