Unless previously in use by Nick, a collocation derived from its being placed between brackets in one of the first UGP entries, and therefore a direct result of UGP creation. What, computer’s don’t reduce overall paper use?. Basically, this specifically refers to the situation Nick and Andrew achieved in Sanskrit, whereby 90-100% of the translation homework was done jointly, either in [[Pembroke Hall] the night before, or the third floor of the Rock or the Ratty the day of. Great for saving time, bad for…something, anyway. “Academic Integrity,” I suppose.
Although, come to think of it, it wan’t that good for saving time, unless it was the morning/afternoon of, as attempts to “get it out of the way” early usually resulted in late-night TNT binges, one of the more notable of which involved the Morris-lounge viewing of Simon Sez
Of course, what made this phenomenon truly cartel-like, rather than merely a vaguely dishonest group activity, is that because Nick and Andrew constituted 50-66% of the Sanskrit students, the place where they stopped tended to become the place where everyone stopped, comparable to price-setting by actual cartels. Although actual cartels probably don’t have to fill out seminar time with go-nowhere arguments about Upanishad interpretation.