An annotated guide to Fluble

h2. Burblequest
h3. february 1 ‘99
* Summary: Balt, in a fit of annoyance at Burble (after he coated the entire living room with petroleum jelly), claims that Burble’s life has no meaning; Burble decides to go find his life’s meaning which, according to a convenient message in the bottom of a bag of cheez doodles, is being held hostage by the forces of evil. * Quotes * Burble: Hey, Balt! May own story! * Balt: AAAAAAAAA * Insterstice: Fluble is my motor. * Next: BURBLEQUEST: In Which Our Heroe Sallies Forth to the Unknowne to Battle Vastte Eville, Badde Spellinge, and Violent Foode-Stuffes.
h3. february 2 ‘99
* Pre: The Dawning of Burblequest
* Summary: Fluble can’t come with Burble because he’s sick, and because, being sick, he can eek sympathy out of Clown. Occam goes in his stead. Clown attempts to cure fluble with her old family remedy. * Quotes: * Fluble: Clown, make Burble give me back my Gargoyle! * Clown: Wow, you’re getting worse. Better swallow my old family remedy: A bucket of live eels. * Fluble: But you come from a family of circus freaks. * Clown: Quiet and eat your eels. * Interstice: I can feel my mind going, Dave… I can feel it. * Next: More Eels! * Fishman: Lower right panel.
h3. february 3 ‘99
* Summary: Occam convinces Fluble to recruit “a whole troop of wacky-yet-lovable characters, each fulfilling a specific need, a la the `A-Team`”. It is established that Mack The can fly. * Interstice: You will bow before the waffle of the future * Next: More legs! * Fishman: Plays drums. (Burble: Oh, wow! Our own rimshot man! Occam: We spared no expense.)
h3. february 4 ‘99
* Pre: Team Burble takes off * Summary: Mack The flies them to germany in an attempt to read a German map, or something. * Quotes: * Burble: Oh my god! The entire map is written in *Gibberish! * Occam: Worse, my friend…it’s written in *German! * Interstice: Fluble welcomes obsessed, sex-crazed stalkers. * Next: More sure!
h3. February 8 ‘99
* Pre: Tunisia * Summary: The Burblequestors enlist the aid of Zooper, the world’s smartest thing-that-isn’t-a-mailbox. * Interstice: Three out of four doctors and pharmaists (sic) have never heard of “Fluble.” The fourth one thinks Fluble is a dishwasher soap. * Next: More Doomed!
h3. february 9 ‘99
* Pre: Cleveland * Summary: Burble has to pass a driver’s test to get into the evil Castle Osovos * Interstice: Fluble’s favorite band is Bitch-Ass Rabbit. * Next: More Right-of-Way!
h2. Do you remember love?
h3. April 31 ‘01
* Summary: Balt and Clown discuss Zangoth going insane and thinking he’s Fluble. At Burble’s suggestion, they burn a pig in an attempt to cure him. * Interstice: If you walk without rhythm, you won’t attract the worm. (Reference to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video, I believe. Walkenriffic.) * Next: The Piggening
h3. April 32 ‘01
* Summary: Burble diagnoses Zangoth’s condition with the plot from Star Trek III. Fluble appears to return from the dead. * Interstice: None * Next: Huh?
h3. April 33 ‘01
* Summary: Reborn Fluble chooses evil. * Quotes: * Clown: Fluble’s come back to life again?? But How?? * Mack The (manning “International House of Ho’s and Doughnuts” booth): I just make doughnuts and sell prostitutes. * Clown: Can I hvae a doughnut? * Mack The: Out of doughnuts, but we got a ton of prostitutes. * Next: More reasoning
h3. April 35 ‘01
* Summary: Burble defeats the apparent Fluble using “deductive logic”, revealing him as Rubble. For no reason, Pikachu appears as a “Guest Torture Victim”. * Quotes: * Burble: A *likeyl story...too bad it’s nothing but filthy, filthy lies! That’s not Fluble…the real fluble is standing right here! * Zangoth: I am Fluble. Bunny. * Rubble: That’s not me. That’s Zangoth in a cheap Fluble costume. * Burble: Is it *really? Take a look at the evidence! The real Fluble is seven feet tall, with a glowing head and a tag marked “Fluble Costume” protruding from his head. Which one fits the Bill? * Zangoth: Guh. * Rubble: Well…I can explain…see, I lost my tag during ‘Nam… * Burble: *Next! The real Fluble’s skin is made of cheap costume material…but this “Fluble” has skin made of natural flesh! * Rubble: I…I can explain *that one, too… * Burble: *Final point! The real Fluble isn’t Fluble at all…he’s Zangoth in a cheap Fluble Costume! But the fake Fluble actually appears almost identical to Fluble himself! * Rubble: *Alright! I can’t take this any more…I’m not Fluble, I’m his evil British twin, Rubble, wearing a colored contact lens! * Burble: Another victory for deductive logic! * Balt: I’m off to punch myself in the face now. * Next: More logic!
h3. april 37 ‘01
* Summary: Freaky french clown room. American dental association. Funk power…and its consequences. * Quotes: *
Balt: What??! Hair…returning…’fro…forming…must...GET DOWN! * Interstice: none * Next: More Gettin’ Down!
h3. april 38 ‘01
* Summary: The USS Bootsie, Funk-powered space train, encounters difficulties on its way to Vobos, planet of the evil penguins. Napkin dispensers play a key role. Hitler Babies put in an appearance. * Interstice: None * Next: More Hitler!
h3. april 39 ‘01
* Summary: Train crashing. Zangoth predicts danger. Burble consults Miss Cleo. * Interstice: None * Next: None
h3. april 40 ‘01
* Summary: Big-ass robot challenges train. Burble transforms into “Burbletron”’s torso and head. * Quotes: * Burble: WEll, come *on! If you guys don’t transform into the legs and arms now we’ll look real stupid! And I hope one of you remembered the giant plastic sword! * Balt: Incredible. I’ve absolutely nothing to say. * Next: More running away!
h3. april 42 ‘01
* Summary: Burbletron appears to have grown its own legs and arms, and stymies the Bigass Robot. Penguins use Plan Omega to attempt to stop train. * Interstice: None * Next: None
h3. april 43 ‘01
* Summary: The crew crash into Vobos, in the midst of The Beast, “A steam-powered super-computer the size of a city…programmed with all the information available in the cosmos, thus driving it insane.” Zangoth cured. Fluble, dismembered, found. Jimmy the dancing banana. * Quote: Beast is happy beast. * Interstice: None * Next: More Dumbass Bananas
h3. may 1 ‘01
* Summary: Fluble explains how he ended up incorporated into Beast’s CPU. Balt challenges Beast for possession of Fluble and loses at Freecell, thus ending up also thus incorporated. * Quotes: *
Fluble: Can you put my brain back? * Beast: Beast likes bunnies * Fluble: That wasn’t as literal a response as I was hoping for. * Interstice: None * Next: None
h3. may 4 01
* Summary: Skipping two strips ahead, they escape from Beast. Number One appears. He am become god. Inflicts wrath on Fluble. * Interstice: and…your source for online Flubles and tasty raw pig. * Next: More baby-eating
h3. may 5 ‘01
* Summary: Fluble: dead. Clown confesses love, brings back to leave, adds caveat: “as friend.” * Interstice: None * Next: The Final and Finished
h3. may 6 ‘01
* Summary: Number One menaces. God returns, takes power back, turns #1 to pringles, disappears wtih Fluble’s fries. * Interstice: None * Next: None
h3. may 15 ‘01
* Summary: final, full-page strip.