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The Watchclock is a 19th-century innovation in the field of corporate social control. The classic Watchclock consists of two components: a clock which contains some sort of internal recording device, usually a strip of paper, and a series of stationary elements to manipulate the clock to produce a record. The clock would be given to a night watchman who would go about his rounds and use the stationary key, or whatnot, to punch the clock at appropriate chronological intervals; by this means his employers could know that he was about his assigned rounds and not asleep in a closet somewhere. Obviously as time passed the devious watchmen would develop new ways of circumventing the security measures in the watchclocks, and of course new measures were devised, in the manner of all arms races.
While Brown has not used such devices for some time, there are still a fair many scattered about the campus. The style used was probably that of the “417 Patrol” (, which dates back to 1904, but these were of the Detex clone of the 417 Patrol (, which is much more recent, no earlier than 1927.
TODO: Catalog of observed stations and their locations.

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