Sturgeon’s law is not self-applicable
More frequently identified as Nick’s favorite author than any other. Famously destitute science fiction writer (also dabbled in fantasy and horror—and, sort of, erotica) Sturgeon provided the basis for Vonnegut’s “Kilgore Trout” character; the realization that Kilgore Trout was not strictly an invention of Vonnegut’s (while, less strictly, anyway) caused Breakfast of Champions to be bumped from Nick’s top book slot, and in fact out of the top five entirely.
Sturgeon wrote only a handful of novels but many, many short stories, which are utterly genre-transcending in their human depth, compassion, and artful construction.
Sturgeon occurs in the OED in the entry on “Sturgeon’s Law”, which he coined when confronted with someone’s opinion that 90% of science fiction is crap; the law stipulates that 90% of everything is crap.
h2. A selection of suggest-able Sturgeon stories:
  • “The Widget, the Wadget, and Boff”
  • “Thunder and Roses”
  • “Slow Sculpture”
  • “Bright Segment”
  • “Killdozer”
  • More than Human