A favorite of Nick and the RRRs. A group of misfit security consultants, intrigue, brilliant ensemble-cast work.

  • Robert Redford—Martin Bryce/Bishop
  • Sidney Poitier—Donald Crease
  • Dan Ackroyd—Mother
  • David Strathairn—Whistler
  • River Phoenix—Carl
  • Mary McDonnell—Liz
  • Timothy Busfield—Dick
  • Stephen Tobolowski—Werner Brandes
  • James Earl Jones—Abbot
  • Ben Kingsley—Cosmo
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    h2. Notes
    The phone number Mary gives Carl is 415-273-9164.
    Down-home Bay Area setting—the dunbarton (sp?) bridge is a plot point, the sneakers operate out of the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland.
    Features UGP favorites Stephen Tobolowksi (better known as Max Applewhite) and Timothy Busfield and not-quite-favorite but certainly UGP-notable Donal Logue
    The anagrams for Setec Astronomy used in the film are “Montery’s Coast”, “My Socrates Note”, and “Cootys Rat Semen”.