h2. The pride of Nick’s in-box
“Do not fall into a dirty the person go here”
“Old McDonald had a daughter”
“The real meaning of animal husbandry”

Dear Kukkurovaca,
It’s me ;-)
I like to feel protected, to understand, that near to me the man, which both in sex, and in life knows what to do. It is possible to fall in love with such the man for ever.
Further details are in attach.
Have a good day, Christina

“if you like hot young girls with pert tits and nice pussies.” {Who the hell says “pert”?}

These things were much more plainly and quickly viewed by Rob from above than by threading a way through the streets on foot; for he looked down upon the city as a bird does, and covered miles with a single glanceHaving satisfied his curiosity without attempting to alight, he turned to the southeast and followed the peninsula as far as Palo Alto, where he viewed the magnificent buildings of the university Changing his course to the east, he soon reached Mount Hamilton, and, being attracted by the great tower of the Lick Observatory, he hovered over it until he found he had attracted the excited gaze of the inhabitants, who doubtless observed him very plainly through the big telescope

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