Francis Xavier Flynn, NN 13
Former spy, former Hitler youth, current “Investigator” for the Boston police. Flynn is a very large man with a very large Irish accent, a large family (wife Elsbeth, children ?, Tod, Jenny, ?, and Winny), and a very small head. We first encounter him in Confess, Fletch. In his career with the Boston police, he is known as “Reluctant Flynn” for his extreme slowness to make arrests, but this covaries with a great proportion of full confessions and thus convictions.
He has an assistant known as “Grover,” (actual name: Sgt. Richard T. Whelan) who detests him, and a crippled associate named Cocky who plays chess and answers phones.
He was the son of an ambassador to Germany during WWII (thus the Hitler youth bit), during which time the family was engaged in collecting information on the Nazis; later, after his parents were killed, he got in touch with the sponsoring agency and came to work for the NNs (No Name), headed by midget leader NN Zero.
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* Confess, Fletch * Flynn * Flynn’s In * The Buck Passes Flynn
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