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One of Nick’s top two candidates for worst movie of all time. (Up against Doppleganger. Features Alyssa Milano when she really, really needed the money. Also, inexplicable involvement by Jennifer Tilly. Originally caught Nick’s attention by featuring Milano’s ass on basic cable. (TNT, 4:00am)

  • “I know you were raised in a convent, but I’ve seen your boyfriend, and don’t tell me he gets off just by looking at you”
  • “Is this where they usually stand?”
  • “Sometimes. Only if they want to. You’re not shy, are you?”
  • “Would you mind unbuttoning your overalls?”
  • “Your hair’s so soft. Would you like to lay back?”
  • (Then they kiss, Milano freaks out and gets up just so as to show us her panties…)
  • That’s a nice ankh you’re wearing.
  • Have a cigarette. It’s cloves, you’ll like it.
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “I’m from everywhere”
  • (Series of aggressive downblouse shots of Tilly’s breasts)
  • (Chris points to tattoo on Tilly’s breast) “Did that hurt?”
  • “A little. Why don’t you kiss it and make it better” (Grabs own breast in both hands (firmly) and presents to Chris)