Nick’s paradigm for translatory goodness.

 The following translation of the entire text has little literary
merit.  It reflects, however, to the best of my ability, every
significant etymological and grammatical feature, including every
double entendre, that I have been able to discover in the original
in an endeavor to establish a solider philological foundation upon
which a firmer interpretation of the _incipit_ of Taoist philosophy
might be built.

   Lodehead lodehead-brooking : no forewonted lodehead;
   Namecall namecall-brooking : no forewonted namecall.
             Having-naught namecalling : Heaven-Earth's fetation,
             Having-aught namecalling : Myriad Mottlings' mother.
   Desired--for to descry in view _the_ minikin subliminaria;
   Desired--for to descry in view _the_ circuit-luminaria;
             There pairing ones at-one
             Diverse namecall :
             At-one--bespeak such : Darkling,
             Adarkling such, again adarkling
             The thronging subliminaria's gate.