- Sheer brilliance. -
Kevin likes. - Official comic of LanguageLog -
“Monica Furious” (oy!) High production values, horrible, horrible writing. - Nifty collection of reviews -
Delightful. WWI+Telepathic cat lords+airships! - Hmm. Cheezy art, nice premise. (Mad Scientism as psychological disorder requiring special police bureau) -
Cute. Highly derivative of The Pretender - Basically, it’s “Space: Above and Beyond”, only with a crew consisting entirely of large-breasted lesbians. No, that makes it sound much better than it actually is… -
Falls into that fucking retarded Japanese meta-genre where the story is structured around some game that people care about inexplicably. But that makes it sound far shittier than it actually is. - Better than I like to let on. -
“what I could really use right now is some exposition” - Hmm. Not sure yet. -
Similarly probationary. References Red Dawn. Not sure whether that’s a good or a bad sign.