An episode of Sports Night.
h2. Summary
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h2. Quotes
Natalie: And like getting the world to call Prince by one pretentious name in a lifetime wasn’t enough, now I gotta learn to draw the symbol for boron.

Isaac: Hi, Dana, listen to this. This is fantastic: “Bio-engineering might one day create living creatures adapted to survival in space. Space birds.”
Dana: Okay.
Isaac: Don’t you want to know how they’re going to fly without air?
Dana: Ooookay.
Isaac: It says here they’re going to fly on sunlight.
Dana: So, we’ve got this Michael Jordon interview…
Isaac: For farther out where the sunlight grows weaker, they’re gonna bio-engineer a squid.
Dana: Squid?
Isaac: Yes. “Swimming not in water, but in space. Drawing volatile fuels from Jovian moons to power their gentle but efficient propulsion systems.”
Dana: Uh, Michael Jordon…
Isaac: “Their utility could be comparable to that of horses and mules in the winning of the west.”
Dana: Okay.
Isaac: “I can myself out there, sitting alone by the fire, a space squid my only companion.”
Dana: Isaac!
Isaac: Michael Jordon.
Dana: Yes.
Isaac: They want to talk about cologne
Dana: In the press kit, they accidentally included coaching notes for Michael on how to bring the interview back to the cologne.
Isaac: Heh
Dana: Yeah. Do we book the interview
Isaac: Absolutely
Dana: Isaac
Isaac: Absolutely!
Dana: And talk about perfume?
Isaac: Cologne
Dana: There’s no difference
Isaac: Michael’s Michael. let him talk about what he wants
Dana: You really want to use sports night for a five-minute informercial
Isaac: For michael? sure
Dana: Isaac
Isaac: You know, just ten years ago it would have been hard to imagine a black man selling cologne.
Dana: 8 year olds are buying aftershave, I’m not sure it’s a huge step forward
Isaac: I’ll take any step forward.
Dana: Okay.
Isaac: Dana. They’re talking about bio-engineering animals and terraforming Mars. When I started reporting the Gemini missions, just watching a Titan rocket lift off was a sight to see. Now they’re gonna colonize the solar system.
Dana: Are you obsessing about this?
Isaac: Yes
Dana: Why?
Isaac: Because I won’t be alive to see it.
Dana: Okay.
Isaac: Space squid. And there’s a drawing. This is gonna be incredible.

Natalie: Sorry don’t feed the bulldog, dottie.