Once lost Kevin and his mother simulaneous bar bets. Amusing only because neither of us drink, Mom claims that her drink is Johnny Walker Red label. Exchange went something like

Carol: (mom on cell phone) Kevin? quick, what goes in a mimosa?
Kevin: Mom? It’s like 1 o’clock [in the afternoon]. Wait a second you don’t drink?
Carol: I have a bar bet going with the other mommies. Hurry up.
Kevin: Hell if I know what’s in those pussy drinks. I’ll ask the bartender.
Carol: Aren’t you like 19?
Kevin: Twenty.
Carol: Shit. Chris Berardi’s mom got it. He had a computer handy.
Kevin: It’s cause he drinks them. Pussy.
Carol: You shouldn’t say that.
Kevin: (Glares back at bartender-ess) Sorry, Mom.