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    Atrocious movie involving one of the greatest casts of all time.
    h2. Premise
    A homeless man is hired to be a “wilderness guide” (i.e., human prey) on a hunt conducted by wealthy businessmen and former CIA operatives. Yes, that’s right. And he’s not even a wilderness kind of homeless guy, either. The cast is shockingly good (even for a B movie) for the plot, writing, and overall quality of the film.
    h2. Cast]
    Ice-T - Jack Mason
    Rutger Hauer -
    Charles Dutton - Walter Cole
    Gary Busey -
    Doc Hawkins
    F. Murray Abraham - Wolfe Sr.
    John C. McGinley -
    h2. Quotes
  • You are missing the best part, Mr. Mason. When you are eating the flesh of the pig, look into his little beady eyes. That way you will be devouring his soul.
  • He just shot and killed four trees.

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