Renee’s basic potato soup:
  • saute (chopped small if your gonna do a puree thing) onions of whatever kind in butter if you have it
  • plenty of both actually if you don’t mind the extra fat
  • chop up your potatoes in whatever size suits your fancy
  • add enough water to cover
  • I don’t use salt, I always use tamari though it mars the whole pristine white thing
  • but better flavor
  • plenty of pepper
  • grammy always used dill I don’t
  • then you put water to cover and add more or not depending on how thick you want it
  • blend it or not
  • cream or sour cream or yogurt either mixed in at the last or on top
    h3. Peppertato variations
    The key to peppertato soup is taking whole peppercorns, and crushing them with the blade of a heavy chef’s knife. This makes much larger chunks then a standard pepper mill, even one set to super-wide-gauge. A mortar and pestle may be used to adjust the texture a bit. Also, make sure to let the soup cool down and thicken, and give the pepper time to integrate.