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    Omega Doom is one of the more esoteric ancillary members of the Red Harvest movie cycle. In it, Rutger Hauer plays a human-loyalist older-model cyborg in a post-apocalyptic neo-post-western world in which robots and cyborgs are all that remains of society, guns are so scarce as to be priceless, and the primary mode of combat seems to involve throwing things so quickly that they don’t need to be filmed.
    Hauer arrives in a small town controlled by two rival factions, one robotic and one cyborg. The robots are identifiable by their whirring and clanking noises they make when walking. The cyborgs are identifiable by the fact that they all look like Laurie Metcalf doing a Roy Orbison impersonation. See above.
    Hauer plays both sides against each other until each has been destroyed, leaving the town’s peaceful inhabitants able to live without fear of having things thrown at them really fast, and clearing the way for the reemergence of humanity from subterranean shelters.
    h2. Cast
    Rutger Hauer …. Omega Doom
    Shannon Whirry …. Zed, Droid Leader
    Norbert Weisser …. Head
    Tina Cote …. Blackheart, Rom Leader
    Anna Katerina …. Bartender at the water well
    Jill Pierce …. Zinc, Rom
    Simon Poland …. Zed Too, Droid
    Cynthia Ireland …. Ironface, Rom
    Jahi J.J. Zuri …. Marko, Droid
    Earl White …. Titus, Droid