Since the three people who comprise UGP’s occasional audience all currently use OSX, this may not be a bad idea.

h3. System utilities
  • Grab / Preview (I don’t like using keyboard shortcuts for screencaps)
  • TextEdit (Any basic notepad app that lets you do drop shadows and kerning has my affection)
  • Activity monitor
    h3. Bundled
  • Safari
  • iTunes
    h3. Third-party
  • Sciral Consistency (fuzzy recurrence todo thingie)
  • Instiki/Pimki (Not mac-specific, but certainly more mac-friendly than some wikis)
  • VLC (See above)
  • Adium (Smart away messages? Unicode support? I’ll embrace a little bugginess and bloat for that.)
  • VoodooPad (free version) (I don’t use it as a desktop app so much as a manger of the iPod version of my quotes file)
  • Cyberduck
  • Ardiem (for ejecting my external dvd burner via keyboard shortcut)
  • Ragdoll Masters (for low-g violence goodness)
  • Flickr plugin for iPhoto
  • Graphviz
  • SubEthaEdit
    h3. Dashboard widgets
  • Colourmod
  • iClip lite
  • WordPress Dash
  • Wikipedia Widget
    TODO: expand, add links