Someone recently suggested that I’m not easy to shop for. Given that you can give me any kind of blank book and I’ll be happy, or most kinds of pen or pencil (I like massively expensive fountain pens, but I’ll take an interesting roller ball or what not), this seems insane to me, but in case anyone needs clarification:

  • Moleskine
    • Small squared notebook
    • Storyboard notebook (Don’t really need one, but it looks cool as all get-out
    • Large squared notebook
  • Rhodia
    • Anything squared, but especially
      • Advance (the squared ones with the little margin on the side that I never do anything with)
      • The long, narrow ones that I’ve never, again, known what to do with
  • Triomphe
    • The large unlined paper
    • The corresponding envelopes
      h2. Pens
  • Namiki Vanishing Point (I need a new one) (~$100)
  • Lamy Safari (much more reasonably priced—$20ish)
    h2. Books
  • Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude
    h2. CDs
  • k.d. lang
    • Invincible Summer
    • Hymns of the 49th Parallel
  • Neko Case
    • Blacklisted
    • Porchlight
    • The Virginian
  • Warren Zevon
    • Anything
  • Tom Waits
    • Mule Variations
  • Damien Rice
    • O
  • Charlie Hunter
    • Songs from the Analog Playground
      h2. Other
  • Folding knife
  • Hats are always good. See Hat Size