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Amusing search results for “Unlikely Glossary Project” in Google:
Book and Library Links
... ISS Designs. UofT Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Home & Garden Television: Remodeling. Unlikely Glossary Project Libraries. Wood Spiral Stairs, Precision Pine …
www.magnet.neuro.fsu.edu/Links/bibliolinks.html – 20k – Supplemental Result -
Ich suche nach project: alias…
... Unlikely Glossary Project – Alias Premiere and New Lost (2005) Unlikely Glossary Project. ... Unlikely Glossary Project – Alias Premiere and New Lost (2005) ... ...
www.belize24.com/search/ search.php?keywords=Project:%20Alias&enabledWord=&username= – 17k – Supplemental Result
  • No, “Ich suche nach project” does not mean “Unlikely Glossary Project”, but everything’s better with germans.
    Uncle Jazzbeau’s Gallimaufrey: quiver
    But nothing much prepared me for the geeky weirdness of the intertangled webworld of Kukkurovaca, especially his Unlikely Glossary Project. ...
    www.bisso.com/ujg_archives/000389.html – 8k – Cached – Similar pages
  • Yes, shockingly, someone actually referenced UGP. Even more amusingly, it was in a blog I actually read, sometimes. But not during a time period in which I read said blog.
    game design schools
    ... game store board game design online board game risk talisman board game dungeon and … Unlikely Glossary Project – wikipage … ...
    sou.pp258.com/5/172/15024.htm – 18k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages
  • Huh? Ah, looks like they were googling that phrase, and came up with:
    Unlikely Glossary Project – wikipage
    ... En-titties Food Game Imagined organization …:CategoryMethods
    and Schools Place Neolojisms … the Plone design at its best. Plone
    makes heavy use of CSS, which means it is …
  • Yep, game + schools of Buddhism + plus “Plone design” gives you “game design schools.”
    Terra | Resultados para: “downblouse”
    ... click here. … www2.tamanlumbakuda.org/. 140. Unlikely Glossary Project – wikipage … “I’m from everywhere”. - Series of aggressive …
    buscador.terra.es/default.asp?rtm=continua& query=downblouse&first=131&ca=s& – 25k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages
  • There’s nothing like being a result in a spanish-language search engine for “downblouse.” Dear god.
    Unlikely Glossary Project – wikipage
    … “I’m from everywhere”. -. (Series of aggressive downblouse shots of Tilly’s breasts). (Chris points to tattoo on Tilly’s breast) “Did that hurt?”. “A little. …
  • Oh, I see. Well, that was totally appropriate in-context. Embrace of the Vampire
    20 Ford Harrison Mx Nm On Tt
    Unlikely Glossary Project – wikipage …s worldview with Sonny’s simplistic Pinocchio-like disposition, and compare the quiet desperation of Harrison Ford’s …
    www.workshopvacations.com/nissan_option_stream_z/ 20_ford_harrison_mx_nm_on_tt.html – Similar pages
  • Huh. Someone appeared to have been searching for a car, or something, and gotten, as their first result, my bitching about how much I hated I, Robot
    Rendering Shropshire Results
    ... Unlikely Glossary Project crumpet … Wyclif has however crompid cake as a rendering of laganum, which may be the antecedent of the name … ...
    www.plastering-find.co.uk/rendering+shropshire.htm – 4k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages
  • Huh. It gets funnier if you go to